VoiceBox Intelligent Medical Transcription Services

Accurate, on-time transcripts you can trust


  • Dictate anytime, anywhere using the VoiceBox App on your Smartphone.
  • Easy integration with medical software ensures efficient transcript delivery.
  • Qualified Australian-based medical transcription team well-versed in formats, medical expressions and terminology.
  • Fully secure. All data protected.
  • Business hours live support.
Mobile First

Use your smart phone as your primary dictation device. Anywhere, anytime. Your VoiceBox System encrypts the sound file and securely uploads it to our transcription centre for rapid turn-around.

Web App

Log-in through your web-browser on your desktop and dictate directly into your computer. VoiceBox turns your speech into words ready for correction by your own secretary or our team of experienced typists.


Register your details and start dictating immediately. We will arrange access to your medical practice software and upload corrected files ready for distribution.


No long term contracts, no start-up fees, pay per use.

Using VoiceBox Proof Readers

$2 per Transcription *

  • First 30 Seconds Free
  • 4.4¢ per Second After
  • 15¢ per delivery to recipient
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Using Your Own Proof Readers

45¢ per Transcription *

  • First 30 Seconds Free
  • 1¢ per Second After
  • 15¢ per delivery to recipient
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* + GST and payment processing fee: 1.75% + 30¢; applied to the total, fortnightly

How it Works

Voice Box Intelligent Medical Transcription, owned and operated by HMPM Pty Ltd, provides a technically advanced integrated transcription and message delivery service for medical professionals.

Using the power of IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and our own in-house software, Voice Box provides a mobile and flexible system for dictating, correcting and delivering correspondence for busy doctors.

VoiceBox offers two modes of transcription, either using your own secretary to proof read your letters, or using our expert Australian-based proof reading and editorial team.

VoiceBox uses speech recognition software that allows dictation to be performed using smart-phones (e.g. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc.) or your laptop or desktop computer with an approved dictation microphone. Human proof reading by experienced medical typists gives you assurance that your letters will reflect what you said.

Here’s a summary of what VoiceBox can do:

  • VoiceBox intelligently converts your voice to text.
  • Use VoiceBox Proof Readers: The text output and your voice file is delivered to our proof readers and typists to format and prepare for approval.
  • Use your own Secretary: The text output and your voice file are delivered to your own secretary for proof reading and formatting.
  • Doctor approval can be performed on your mobile device from anywhere in the world with high quality internet coverage.
  • At the point of approval your correspondence is sent directly using Secure Messaging Services to recipients, and also to your own medical practice software.

VoiceBox dictation can be performed anywhere and the process of transcription, formatting and delivery is initiated immediately when the file is sent via high quality internet connection.

VoiceBox guarantee: We guarantee a 98% accuracy rate or higher for excellent quality audio which is clearly recorded with minimal background noise interference and no media noise or defects (subject to VoiceBox being used correctly). If You are not satisfied with the accuracy rate received, You may contact Us within 14 days from receipt of the work which will be corrected free of charge.

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